Friday July 3rd, 2020

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Health Alert: Nicotine Involved in Spread of Lung Cancer? New research suggests that nicotine may impair the immune system’s ability to protect the brain, increasing the risk that lung cancer cells may metastasize into neural tissue. Lead author Dr. Kounosuke Watabe adds, “Based on our findings, we don't think that nicotine replacement products are the safest way for people with lung cancer to stop smoking.” Journal of Experimental Medicine, June 2020

Diet: Empty Calories Too Common Among Kids. While the data show that children are eating healthier than their predecessors from a decade ago, researchers report that over a quarter of the total calories consumed by kids and teens are considered “empty” calories from foods with little-to-no nutritional value. American Society for Nutrition, June 2020

Exercise: Stay Active. A review of ten years of data concerning 2,300 elderly adults at risk for heart disease revealed that those with higher physical activity levels had a lower risk for both heart disease and early death than the patients with more sedentary lifestyles.  Mayo Clinic Proceedings, June 2020

Chiropractic: Musculoskeletal Pain and Factory Work. Questionnaires completed by workers at four manufacturing centers revealed that musculoskeletal pain affects about 4 in 5 factory workers, most often in the low back, neck, shoulders, and upper back. Risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal pain in this group include job tenure (over 15 years), frequent or prolonged neck extension, frequent twisting of the neck or trunk, and routinely working more than eight hours a day or 40 hours a week. Journal of Peking University Health Sciences, June 2020

Mental Attitude: Cognitive Therapy Reduces Inflammation. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of treatment that focuses on examining the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to find patterns in thinking that cause negative thoughts leading to negative feelings and self-destructive behaviors. New research suggests that CBT may also be effective at reducing low-grade inflammation in the body, which may lower the risk for several poor health outcomes. JAMA Psychiatry, June 2020

Wellness/Prevention: Office Lighting Key to Longer Sleep. Exposure to natural light in an office setting is associated with both longer sleep during the night and improved performance on cognitive tests. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, June 2020

Quote: “It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly.” ~ Isaac Asimov

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This information should not be substituted for medical or chiropractic advice. Any and all health care concerns, decisions, and actions must be done through the advice and counsel of a health care professional who is familiar with your updated medical history.

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